What Is Your Resting Metabolic Rate?

The key to sustainable weight loss (as opposed to the “yoyo” weight loss and weight gain of trendy weight loss fads) is a high resting metabolic rate and balanced nutrition.  Your calorie intake should be linked to your resting and active metabolic rates. Metabolic testing unlocks the secrets held in the individual physiology of each […]

Post Pregnancy Workout Tips

Extracts from an article on Post Pregnancy Workouts on the web site http://www.hipandhealthy.co.uk written by Samantha Clayton, Herbalife Fitness Expert and mum of four. “If you have had a baby and are looking at your new post baby body with total despair, don’t panic, don’t resort to drastic diet and exercise measures instead let me […]

H24Fit DVD Workout

Herbalife presents the H24Fit DVD, a programme designed by Robert Forster who is a renowned physical therapist and performance specialist to world-class athletes. Achieving a better, stronger more capable body is now within your grasp. Co-hosts of the H24Fit program are Tom Holland and Samantha Clayton. Tom Holland is an elite endurance athlete and physiologist […]

What is 24Fit?

24FIT is a workout program, designed to build your fitness in an effective and sustainable way. This home-fitness system utilizes periodization principles to systematically vary exercises and intensity, helping to achieve maximum physical adaptation. Herbalife24FIT is a 24-week program, divided into three phases, each lasting eight weeks. Phase 1 – Stability Phase 2 – Strength […]