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Post Pregnancy Workout Tips

Extracts from an article on Post Pregnancy Workouts on the web site written by Samantha Clayton, Herbalife Fitness Expert and mum of four.


“If you have had a baby and are looking at your new post baby body with total despair, don’t panic, don’t resort to drastic diet and exercise measures instead let me help you to get on the path to your pre baby body in style with a perfect fitness plan.”

“No one had warned me however that pregnancy plays havoc on your joints and tendons especially if you are nursing and I was injured within a few weeks”

“Regaining your core strength must become your full time priority. No more slouching in your seat, no more hunching over because you are tired”

Sam is the lead instructor in the new Herbalife H24 Fit DVD:


Finding Time For A 30 Minute Workout

Making an activity part of your lifestyle instead of a chore makes results easier to achieve.   You might be amazed at how quickly small changes really do add up.  Trust me, I’ve tried these and they worked for me.  When I first got back into exercise, I sometimes went with tip one and other days I chose tip two or three, but I made sure to aim for at least 30 minutes every day and I began feeling more active, and consequently happier, in no time.

Tips from fitness expert Samantha Clayton on how to squeeze in a 30 minute workout into your day:

1.  Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier

This may seem like an obvious tip but it definitely takes motivation not to hit the snooze button and lie back down!

  •  My next piece of advice may seem crazy but it worked for me: for the first few weeks wear a loose fitting workout kit to bed or place your workout outfit with your tennis shoes right next to your bed.  When the alarm starts buzzing, put on your socks and shoes and get to it.
  •  Working out at home or close to home is the best way to start out because it removes any excuses about joining a gym or having to travel anywhere.  Sure, jogging along a beach at dawn may sound nice but, in reality, you probably need to get your workout done and dusted as quickly as possible.
  • As your body gets used to the time adjustment, add an extra 10 minutes so that you can actually comb your hair and brush your teeth before you go!

2. Pack your workout clothes and take them to work.

If you are not a morning person then it’s time for Plan B: the lunchtime power-walk. Schedule it in like you would a dentist or your hair salon appointment. It’s funny that we wouldn’t dream of not getting our hair cut but taking care of our health often gets overlooked or sidelined.

  •  Asking a co-worker to join you will give you the extra motivation not to skip a session.

3. Split your workout into smaller segments.

If finding a full 30 minutes is too difficult, then try to do three or more mini workouts. It’s fine to accumulate your workout throughout your day.

  • This tip works especially well for stay-at-home-moms with young children because occupying a child for 10 minutes while you jump around and squeeze in a workout is a realistic goal.
  • If you work in an office and sit down all day, try taking a brief 10 minutes to stretch out or walk around the office, it may improve your energy level and boost your concentration.

Once I decided to ditch my excuses and made time in my day to exercise, I was able to quickly progress to a regular spinning class and being active became just something I did rather than something I had to think about. People even started complementing me on all the extra energy I seemed to have.

So, no excuses -­ everybody can find time to exercise.

Written by Samantha Clayton.  Samantha is a paid consultant to Herbalife.

24 Fit Workout

H24Fit DVD Workout

Herbalife presents the H24Fit DVD, a programme designed by Robert Forster who is a renowned physical therapist and performance specialist to world-class athletes. Achieving a better, stronger more capable body is now within your grasp.

Co-hosts of the H24Fit program are Tom Holland and Samantha Clayton.

Tom Holland is an elite endurance athlete and physiologist committed to helping people live a better life through fitness. Tom has run over 50 marathons, is a 19-time Ironman  triathlete and has won several natural body building awards.

Samantha Clayton is an Olympic athlete, fitness instructor, spokesmodel and mother of four. She is a certified personal trainer and uses her experience to help others reach their fitness goals.

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