Strength Training

Women’s Weight Training Class


If you are looking to increase your metabolism and strength while getting lean and toned, and who isn’t, you need to weight train! Lean muscle burns more calories so if you want to decrease body fat, perform better, train for an event or just look & feel great, this class is for you!!!

About the Class:

  • A Weight Training class for Women of all ages and abilities
  • Each class will consist of a total body workout designed to increase muscular strength and speed up your metabolism
  • The class will follow our Phase IV fitness progression developed by Phase IV Founder and CEO, Robert Forster PT, who has over 30 years experience working with female athletes of all abilities.
  • It’s a fun, energetic, group workout with fantastic music alongside other like-minded women (NO MEN) that will alleviate stress and leave you feeling great
  • Class is designed to train your body properly through scientific principles, so you don’t have to do any thinking….Just SHOW UP and HAVE FUN!

Why Weight Training:

  • To increase your resting metabolism, decrease blood pressure & body fat
  • Reduce bone deterioration and build bone mass to prevent osteoporosis
  • Weight training done properly and with planning will NOT give you large muscles, but increase your metabolism which burns more calories and transforms your body into an efficient machine with the tone that we all strive to attain!

Join Rachel Suson – EP, Trainer & PT Aide every Tuesday & Thursday – 5:00pm to 6:15pm at Phase IV, Santa Monica

Give us a call at 310.582.8212 or email us at